I love to eat just as much as I love to cook. I love trying new things to eat so I used to eat quite a bit. One day someone pointed out the fact that every time I dined out all I did was complain about the food, service and ambiance and pick apart how I would do it better. The fact that I had become known for complaining about experiences that I should be grateful for made me reevaluate my mind set a little bit which also caused me to get a better understanding of my expectations.

I have pretty simple needs when it comes to my food. I want the freshest products and well blended flavorings. I want a soothing ambiance with a unique funky vibe and the sort of decor that causes conversation not chaotic distractions. Last but definitely not least, energy is Everything and the people working throughout the restaurant are the most important players on the scene. I have little tolerance for people in the service industry who don’t have the patience and positive mind set to provide their customers with proper service. I understand that I job is merely just a means of income to some, but a crew committed to running a good restaurant has the power to make a major difference in someones day, good or bad. In contrast, the customer also needs to recognize that their service provider is a human deserving of compassion and understanding as well.

I love paying attention to the little details that create the big picture. I am not a published restaurant reviewer but I do love sharing my findings when I stumble across memorable places. Scroll through and read about some tasty places that I have discovered during my travels and feel free to leave comments below of your own opinions and suggestions of other places that you think I would enjoy checking out!


Buen Provecho!