Rincon, Puerto Rico is a seasonal town for tourists. What that means is, when it is The Season (Winter: Nov-April) bars and restaurants are open everywhere and the menus are jam packed with yummy local island fares. When it is Off Season (Summer: May-Oct), the people who live here all year round get Really good at cooking at home. There are about 10 places that stay open all year round and when it is Off Season they greatly reduce their menu options to save cost. 2014 has been my first year round season here on the island so I am only just now getting a taste(literally) of how many options there are available! I am also just now discovering the joys of inexpensive travel with AirBnB and Couchsurfing. Read below for my reviews on places that I have visited or that are owned by dear friends of mine. This life is all about sharing the love! Wepa!

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Pool Bar Sushi (Rincon/Puntas, Puerto Rico)

Mr Sprinkles Is Here To Serve You

Mr Sprinkles Is Here To Serve You

Let me begin this review by admitting a little something. I don’t eat sushi. Luckily I enjoy everything Else that is on sushi menus so I never starve. I pray I don’t lose a few followers and friends by admitting that!

Pool Bar is a family owned restaurant/bar/pool that is tucked away at the end of a lane above Pool’s Beach in Puntas. The road where it is placed has only one way in and one way out, and some expert parking skills are necessary – I usually have to fore site to park at the beginning of the road so I have the easiest position to get out when I leave (my cousin taught me that trick when she first introduced me 😉 ). Walking up, the restaurant looks like something out of a island fairy tale. It appears to be dropped into a lush tropical garden and sprinkled with twinkle lights giving the entire scene an almost hazy appearance (I see the haze a Lot at night, at first I thought it was my eyes, and then I realized what I might be seeing is the salt in the air, is this possible?). There are two levels both containing stages, and a wooden deck/patio/structure that runs along the entire restaurant giving it a bungalow vibe. Surf videos stream on the projector screen over the pool and chill beats sooth through the stereo system.

You are greeted by a genuinely cheerful hostess and a young upbeat staff. There is slight confusion for some people when you tell them that the bar and restaurant are separate. They are in the same location, but you receive separate checks – a minor quirk. I always start my meal off with the Wakame (seaweed salad), which has the Perfect amount of sesame oil in its flavoring, I have a picky pallet so I notice these things. Since I don’t eat sushi I usually opt for the Miso/Wonton or the Yakitori chicken depending on my hunger level, but tonight I went with the Lettuce Wraps. When I saw my plate I was confused. It held all the components of lettuce wraps but nothing was diced or mixed together. The chicken was on a skewer, the veggies/sprouts/rice noodles and sauces were beautifully displayed around the plate. But but BUT…..Who is going to dice this all up for me and wrap it in a sweet little piece of baby iceberg?! Nobody, because it was served with Romaine…..deep breath Cloud. I was slightly disappointed for not getting what I was expecting, but the flavors were delicious enough to satisfy me. My companions always get sushi, I always ask about their thoughts, and I always get the same response: the flavor and fish quality are delicious but the rolls are a little heavy on the rice. Pool Bar offers a heavenly Coconut Flan that I get every time and a Tempura Banana that I will try if I ever get sick of the flan.

All in All, Pool Bar is always a good experience no matter what my mood or hunger level. Like them on Facebook and find out when they have specials and live music playing!

More Location reviews COMING SOON!


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