I started making jewelry at 11 years old. If I saw something I liked and wanted I would figure out how to make it myself and put my own flare into it. I loved the freedom of being able to make whatever I wanted and choose my own colors! The things I was making for myself caught other’s interest and before I knew it I was selling what I was wearing and making to friends, family, and strangers a like!

In my early twenties my grandmother taught me how to crochet. I caught on to the basics immediatly but have only learned to properly read patterns back in 2014. I was part of my Grandmother’s women’s group called Stitches From The Heart and for a couple years I focused on making hospital donation packages of blankets and beanie caps for premature babies with the other ladies involved. Sixteen years later, and my fingers actually ache if I don’t get a chance to crochet for a little bit each day (part from the arthritis and partly because I’m simply addicted)! The hobby does more than just keep my mind occupied and my hands limber. The value of being able to gift people with Handmades (my word for handmade gifts of love) is Priceless.

Like many artists with nomadic gypsy spirits, I was a part of the local farmers market circuit. I was often encouraged to create an etsy site but could never get my heart into. Soon selling all together lost its appeal. I wanted to create gifts, feel the energy, and see the faces as I placed items into awaiting hands. I didn’t want to sell or mass produce. Nothing felt right, so I stopped selling, and for a while I even stopped creating. I had no interest picking up my tools again until it Felt Right. Until my inspiration cried out so loud that my hands moved upon their own design once again. Creating is in my blood, so eventually the urge to make things came back to me full force and then some! I met a man who owns a hidden gem of an art gallery in my hometown who reminded me how to Let Go. He taught me that you are only successful when you break rules and try more, and by doing so opened my eyes to a whole new world of Creating. In teaching me what he knew about the world of art, he inadvertently renewed my passion to create and to constantly educate myself with new mediums, designs, and techniques.

My love of creating art, my urge to travel, and my need for a new beginning lead me to Puerto Rico. I shipped out a box full of my supplies and hopped on a plane with my dog. The beaches in West Puerto Rico are known for the sea glass and after the right set of waves and in the right spots it is plentiful. There is endless craft supplies just laying along the shoreline just waiting for me to lug home and play with! With a good Dremel and a vivid imagination the possibilities are Endless! It is truly an artist’s paradise here, so much nature and positive vibes.

Feel free to browse through my Etsy site to see what treasures are available for purchase. I will also continuously post pictures of my current creations here so stay tuned!  Some of the pictures below have their purchase links attached, click away. Creating is my passion and I could not continue to do it as freely without your love and support. If there is anything that you see and want, please contact me or have a browse through my Etsy Shop (link listed below!). If you have any ideas or challenges for me, please contact me. if you just want to say hi, contact me! Thank you so much for taking the time to meander through my page, I love your feedback!

Gypsy Sugar Crochet

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Meraki (n): the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work


Pocket Scarves

Pocket Scarves


Sea Glass Buttons on Crocheted Purses

Sea Glass Buttons on Crocheted Purses



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