Community Over Competition!

One of my favorite things about being an artist is the sense of community.  My mission is to Share The Love. My intentions are to inspire the non creative minds to open up and explore their own creativity no matter how deeply hidden it may lay! No matter how old you are, where you were born, or what your medium, if I like your work I will feature you here! If you click the names of the companies I have provided direct links to their web pages and Facebooks.

Raitru Clothing:

This young lady was just recently interviewed in an article titled “Puerto Rican Women Killing It In the Independent Art Scene”. The company is owned by a young woman named Sarah Paulette and she got popular her in Puerto Rico for her “Mixify Top”. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram and show some love and support to this young up and coming artist. (Ropa hecha en Puerto Rico por Sarah Paulette || Para información llame al 787-479-5247

Pensar Africa:

Pensar Africa, bringing All Things African and beautiful to the Americas (Latin, North and South American) market. Pensar Africa’s mission is to ethically produce and source beautiful handmade products from all over Africa using only African raw materials. Pensar Africa inspires to create jobs and opportunities for small scale business owners and local communities in African nations by working in partnership and mutual growth. Pensar Africa is also committed to community and sustainability development projects in Africa. Join Pensar Africa in celebrating the richness of the African continent and supporting the growth of cultural ingenuity, one craft at a time…

Read more about this amazing company and its founder, a true goddess and dear friend of mine, Phatyma, by following the link I provided in above (click the title Pensar Africa above).


MoonPhase Naturals

I have an Instagram friendship that blossomed over what we now call a “Trust Fall Trade”. A Trust Fall is when you fall backwards and trust that the person Both of us create handmade products that the other admired so one day we agreed to make a trade. She sent me samples of her new skincare line before she launched her products to the public, and I sent her a couple of the new baskets I was teaching myself to hook up. I was excited to sample and help out a fellow female entrepreneur, but I wasn’t expecting noticeable results and was already considering how to carefully word my review of her items. Boy oh boy did I eat my words before they were even formed though because I saw and felt noticeable results to my skin within the first Hour of using the Rosewater Face wash and Acne Treatment Oil. I am excited to stock my own bathroom and guest house with this incredible handmade skincare line formulated with rosewater and essential oils and made with loving intent. Check out MoonPhaseNaturals on Etsy and support this beautiful human creating beautiful concoctions!








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