Crocheting is an amazing craft for all ages and skill levels, and thanks to You Tube anyone can learn now even if you don’t have a fabulous Grandmother to teach you! My first stop when ever I am looking for a new pattern or project inspiration, is B.HookedCrochet. The page is ran by a woman named Brittany and her site is Marvelous! My Grandmother may have been the one to teach me how to crochet, but it was Brittany’s site and easy to understand tutorials that finally got me over my hurdle of reading patterns. BHookedCrochet is a fabulous resource for everything from knowing your yarns, basic tutorials, step by step instructions and easy to follow along YouTube videos. You can also follow @bhookedcrochet on instagram and Facebook. I will be adding basic tutorials, Loads of patterns and links to some amazing fellow Crocheters and their YouTube sites. Below you will find a list of websites that I utilize to hunt down free patterns! I always try to give original creators credit where it is due and I hope you all do the same! Where my Stitches at? If you want to check out my own personal crochet work feel free to follow me on Instagrm @GypsySugarCrochet and follow my Etsy Site to be notified when I post new products for sale. All your support and feedback is greatly appreciated!


  • Gypsy Sugar Crochet (Etsy Site)

  • (Ravelry is a community organizational database for fiber arts and patterns free or for sale)

  • (A collection of some of the most popular amigurumi patterns on the web right now)

  • Crochet Pattern Central : (Pattern link database. Loads more of a detailed selection of patterns than most of the sites I have seen)

  • Mad Crochet Lab (The Mad Crocheter’s Blog. One of my favorite resources for fun and quirky side projects! Check out her Cro-toons!)

Handy Kitty has a great idea for using scrap yarn….Alphabets! These soft 2″ letters are a great way for your little one to learn and play. Handy Kitty has super simple step by step tutorials and large pictures so anyone can create these fun letters. Check out her website by following the link below:
Handy Kitty – Life is beautiful. Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together
Here is what I'm making with my scraps. Thanks Handy Kitty!

Here is what I’m making with my scraps! Thanks Handy Kitty!



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