I was an empathetic only child raised by polar opposite parents. Papa is a retired high school history teacher with a military background, and my mother was a catering manager/Girl Friday whose fondest memories took place during the Woodstock era. Structure, discipline, strength of character, and how to present myself as a Lady came from my father. My mother taught me how to Let Go, laugh often, make the best of every situation, and the power of karma. Without even meaning to, my parents raised me with the greatest understanding of the importance of balance. Ying and Yang. I saw the black and white, but my heart has always believed in full blown Technicolor.

I am an introverted social butterfly. I love the comfort of companionship just as much as I value my alone time. I crave adventurous settings just as much as I enjoy an evening in front of the TV crocheting or laying in the hammock reading all day. I thrive in fast pace multi-tasking environments, am borderline OCD list obsessed, and sometimes get anxious if I don’t know The Plan….and yet at times I am able to throw away my list and wing it when the mood strikes. I am aware of my many contradictions, it keeps life interesting. 😉

Two days before my 30th birthday I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was a full time manager for a full service Aveda salon in my hometown. I had been working since I was 14 years old and for the first time I was at a job I was Passionate about. Working for and with people I respected and admired, and actually looking forward to each working day. I thrived in the fast paced environment until my body couldn’t keep up with my daily routine any longer. It took doctors almost 10 years to diagnose me, and only one year for me to learn how to Let Go of everything that I knew and had created, and completely pave out a new path for myself. For the first time in my life I Truly understood the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. All of my life’s experiences had brought me to This moment. All of my life’s lessons have prepared me for This journey. I Am Ready.

I simplified my Mainland Life, bought a plane ticket, packed my belongings, and headed out for some serious self-discovering adventures.

chelsea (5)

Flash forward to three years later, and I have now been successfully running Airbnb properties in Puerto Rico and loving the simplicity of island life more and more every year.


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