Heal The World One Beautiful Soul At A Time

Heal The World One Beautiful Soul At A Time

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always believed that one person can change the world. I did not see the enormous task of conquering mountains, altering thought patterns by the masses, or saving the planet. I saw the little things that could alter a moment, a day, or a person’s entire life. And I saw the way those little things could make huge impacts.

I have left my house with a heavy heart and a full mind before and had been greeted by a stranger with such genuine conviction that their good vibes and intentions immediately rubbed off on me. I smiled back out of courtesy and realized that the smile came easy and felt good, so I payed it forward, and watched the transformation that I had just felt within myself. I have suffered in silence thinking no one would understand my struggle, only to find out the very people I was surrounded by suffered from the very same struggles. You can never predict when your simple act of kindness or sharing your own story will be all that is needed to alter someone else’s thought process and path.

The decision to learn how to turn my struggles and the things I saw as weaknesses into a solid foundation of love and strength to spread around and help others was my first step towards “changing the world”. I chose to honor those who had given me the gift of insight by paying it forward in every single way possible. Although it is powerful to work out your life issues on your own, it can be equally as rewarding to be able to work them out with others at times. Sharing our experiences lends different perspectives to others situations that they would not normally consider on their own.

When I lost my mother to suicide at age 21, I learned the true power of how much sharing ones story can help strengthen others. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Narcolepsy at the age of 30 and began using a cane for support while watching my body deteriorate and struggle. I learned how walking someone through (no pun intended) your own issues and experiences can gain you a quicker insight than you would normally have had to struggle through on your own had you not spoken your words out loud to another. A Reiki practitioner once asked me if I even wanted to be healed or if having this disease was giving me something that I needed. I was taken back by his question, as if I had asked for these difficulties. I did not chose to have this disease and physical sufferings, but I saw the direction of his questioning and understood what he was asking me. No, I did not want to be “healed” because Yes, my disease, struggles, and sufferings had become my vessel, my tool for spreading the message of strength. My struggles became my crystal ball, my device used to refine my intuition. I wake up in pain every single day and have to plan carefully for every moment in ways that effect everything in my life, work and relationships but I would not change who I am for a second. Well maybe for a second, because every now and then being me is exhausting!

My diseases forced me to slow down and taught me the importance of being able to listen to my body. In order to even be able to hear my body though, I had to purge my entire being of toxins and negative thoughts. I altered my life in the ways that were necessary to me at the time. I moved from California to the island of Puerto Rico and changed my job from managing businesses for others to running my own TourGuide/Travel Host and Etsy Shop businesses from the comfort of my home. I purged my system of the prescription medications that I had been using to manage my diseases, gained a wealth of holistic healthcare knowledge and altered my diet drastically. I used to restrict who I would share myself with based upon who I thought was worthy of my efforts and then I realized how much that way of thinking was restricting my own life. I became the change that I wanted to see all around me and shared my knowledge and experiences with anyone who asked. The knowledge I have gained about managing my own symptoms in holistic ways and dealing with my struggles in a positive light has given me to opportunity to help teach others in similar situations.

I see myself as a healer and a mother goddess

I want to heal the world, one beautiful soul at a time

Everyone is worthy of everything

Pay It Forward


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