Frente Bolivarasta Vol.4 Nomades // #BeatJunkyBlogPost

Frente Bolivarasta Vol.4 Nomades // #BeatJunkyBlogPost

No matter what sort of night I had previous, or how much sleep I got, I can gently guide my mood of the day based upon the music I start my brain off with. Beginning each morning hunting down new music has become a meditative routine for me that helps me kick off my day with beautiful vibes. It is hard to keep track of all the amazing music that flows through my life so I am going to start compiling some favorites here to share with you all!

I am kicking off my first #BeatJunkyBlogPost with the Latin American vibes from the Frente Bolivarasta label. I wish I could add every single one of their albums onto this post but I am forcing myself to pick just One representative album to share with you. I chose Frente Bolivarasta as my first music selection to share because they are a label with such a diverse selection of artists whose sounds each hit my heart so hard they bring happy tears to my eyes (I’m an emotional sort though so forgive me, good music makes me weep!). Every single artist featured on this compilation will make you feel their music in physical and metaphysical ways. Their mantra is “hermanos unidos conectando las influencias permitiendo nuevos horizontes”, which translates to “United brethren connecting the influences allowing new horizons”. I LOVE music that makes you FEEL and connects people on a universal level.

The fourth compilation of Frente Bolivarista is inspired by the sounds of Nomade Festival, a festival, music label and artist collective seeking a new sound territories merging the contemporary to the ancestral Latin America folk. After a three day journey of a lot of fusion music into the woods, meeting dozens of great and insipiring people from all over the world they decided to release a new compilation inspired on this beautiful exchange of knowledge.

I am going to list each featured artist below for you with links to each of their individual SoundCloud pages for you to expand your music horizons if you wish!

Pigmalião draws you instantly and sets you up for an amazing compilation of heart felt music that will lift your spirits and make you feel all the things. Pigmalião is the result of experiments on merging Latin American regional and roots references with specific sounds from other parts of the world. This first track is by far one of my favorites and had me eager to hear what was to come next!

Vruno is the stage name of Bruno Saldivar, an experimental musician from Chile who is constantly utilizing inspirations from all the different sounds of the world.

Camila Costa is an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who has a beautifully clear voice and a simple sound akin to Bebel Gilberto.

Gama is a young Dj/Producer based out of Mexico City who specializes in Electric Latin Fusion beats. His track is honestly my least favorite of the batch, but it helps set the pace for the following tracks.

Matanza Y Spaniol is either a very new artist or they simply do not have a lot available online. The track Lamento Negro feels like a story. An almost 8min track with a hypnotic beat that takes you on a completely different journey independent from the rest of the album. I can dig it, I wish I could find more of their music!

Steffen Kirchhoff plays deep electronic soulful music with spirituality in his compositions. His tracks contain organic and spiritual elements like shaman drums, holy chants and field recordings that reflect the beauty of nature.

Dandara adds some rhythmic jungle beats to the compilation. He spends his off time between festivals traveling throughout South America, collecting sounds and experiences and working on new music.

EXZ is the pseudonym for Dj/Producer Alexandre Silveira from Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can find him showcased at the festival circuits in Chile, Brazil, and Germany.

Kurup is a Dj/Producer from Brazil specializing in electro-acoustic vibes. His track, Canela, meaning Cinnamon in Spanish, is another of my favorites on the compilation. Such a sexy sound!

El Remolón is the alterego of Andrés Schteingart, a producer who tucks hints of Latin American rhythms like cumbia into a solid base of electronic music.

Intiche is a beautiful earthly goddess who reminds her listeners that everyone must remember we are cells in your body and we dance together. Her vibes remind me of a Latin Björk!

Cancion Waunana finished us off with a melodic ceremonial flute and drum selection that elevates you higher! This track is another of my favorites and I was again disappointed that I could not find more of their music, but this track is a fabulously beautiful way to end the compilation.

All the tracks featured here are rich with spiritual sounds and binaural beats that will take you on a magical journey. Take a moment and do your ears and heart a favor by starting your day off with music that will set your desired intentions for the day! You can find this compilation plus all the other music that I will be later sharing on my Music For The People Page! My SoundCloud page, Cloud Vibes, is also full of goodies that I hunt down and repost so Follow Me for more music inspirations.






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