Snapchat VS Instagram Stories

Snapchat VS Instagram Stories

Those of you who utilize social media apps re probably already more than aware of the launching of Instagram’s “Stories” back on August 2, 2016 and have also probably heard both sides of people’s opinions between the new Snapchat Clone called Instagram Stories. I have avoided getting involved in any of these opinions until I sat back and was able to observe the differences and people’s responses for a little while. I first began social media networks as a lonely teenager who found a way to connect with people that I would normally not have to courage to talk to. I remained at home a lot and had created a life for myself that satisfied most of my social needs by using MySpace, and later transitioning into Facebook. I did not get into the Instagram craze until early 2014 while I was working jobs worthy enough to want to share with others and promote for. I never really took social media networks seriously until I began getting involved with marketing and promoting for companies that I was a part of. The lines between my “work” and play life posts began to blur around May 2015 when I stepping into a long distance relationship and found another benefit for social media.

While the Pros far outweighed the Cons for using SM networks and apps, my data bill is not as pleased as the rest of me. I live on an island, which already makes for multiple points against my data plan to begin with due to hurricanes, storms, and lack of cell towers and just island life in general. The second factor working against me is that I work from home and all of my businesses are ran from my phone or computer, so having access to the Internet and Wifi is a MUST. The second month that I ran over my data plan four times I began doing some research to see what I could do besides altering my data plan to reduce usage. My findings pleased me greatly because there is in fact Lots you can do to reduce your usage! I will let someone else who already did the full research explain the details better to you….

Kerry Flynn wrote an article about Snapchat’s Data Usage and in it she mentions that Snapchat accounts for about 75% of our data usage and she lays out specifics about what we are actually using from our data plans when we send messages: Here’s The Crazy Amount of Cellular Data Snapchat Uses and How To Stop It 

If you don’t want to read the full article (if you are using Snapchat you Should though!) below I copied a few key points that the author laid out.

“For reference, 1 GB = 1000 MB = 1,000,000 KB. A 1 GB data plan on AT&T costs $25 per month

As a user, sending a message:

  • Sending A Text Message: 20.1 KB
  • Sending A Picture Message: 13.0 KB (5-second photo to one person); 15.6 (5-second photo to two people)
  • Sending A Video Message: 1.9 MB (10-second video)

As a recipient, receiving a message:

  • Viewing A Text Message: 17.3 KB
  • Viewing A Picture Message: 867 KB (10-second photo)
  • Viewing A Video Message: 891 KB (10-second video)

Beyond one-to-one messaging:

  • Viewing Snapchat ‘Our Story’: 679 KB (46 seconds of Tuesday’s Berlin story) 
  • Viewing Snapchat Discover: 2.7 MB (30 seconds of using CNN)

After a few minutes of using Snapchat, we had gone through 7 MB of data, or 0.7% of a 1 GB per month data plan. For further comparison, 1 GB would be about 100,000 photos, or  1000 videos, or 1000 views of “Our Story,” or 400 uses of Discover. Another striking note was that going in and out of Snapchat causes data usage to spike. After taking a 10-second picture message and leaving the app, usage was 124 KB. Then 197 KB. And then 240 KB. That’s because the app is can continuous run in the background. Users can limit that drainage by deselecting background running. For Android, go to “Settings > Data Usage > Snapchat > Restrict Background Data’. For iPhone, go to ‘Settings > General > Background App Refresh > toggle off Snapchat.”


I made the necessary changes, but during my research I began questioning why I was using Snapchat at all if it was costing me this much extra effort. I do 99% of my marketing and advertising for my businesses on Instagram, I don’t even utilize Facebook the way that I used to these days. My only use for Snapchat these days is to feel like I am still connected to my Partner overseas, and more times than not it can cause more issues than make me feel loved or special. So why am I being to stubborn about making the switch from Snapchat to Instagram Stories? I don’t like change and need facts before I can commit to a change I can believe in, and I do believe I have enough information now to feel comfortable about making the switch. 

Ironically it was an article titled: Instagram’s Snapchat Clone Has Shown Little Sign of Hurting Snapchat Just Yet that swayed me to finally make the decision to leave Snapchat. The author of the article, Lara O’Reilly made some good points about Snapchat being the most popular app among teens in the country and  that for brands, Instagram houses a more sophisticated advertising and analytics platform than Snapchat currently offers. Those two factors right there combined with the excessive data usage that Snapchat sucks up is why I am getting prepared to announce that I will officially be leaving Snapchat as of September 9th. What’s the significance behind the date you’re probably wondering…..My Love Is Finally Coming Home!!!! Snapchat was fun while it lasted but in all honesty the app has not benefited my life or businesses in any significant way, so it is time to downsize my data usage. You can follow me on Instagram and watch my Story as I bumble along getting used to the new features and sharing my island life and adventures with  you all!


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