GD Garner Art Show in Rincon, Puerto Rico

GD Garner Art Show in Rincon, Puerto Rico

I live in a small seasonal surf town in Puerto Rico called Rincon where people come and go as frequently as the tide. If you’re lucky and can make fast friends and take life as it comes you will meet some truly amazing people during your time spent here. My current group of friends include two American men who were itching for some off hours island adventures and linked up with me and some friends to explore on our weekends off. (Check out my post about the Abandoned Prison that we discovered down in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico!). I thought my buddy was just another average Joe that passes through the tiny tourist town that I live in, until he asked me to assist him in holding an Art Show he was having in town and I began doing the necessary research to promote his work. His intention was to host an art show of his work and to donate 100% of the proceeds to ARF (the Animal Rescue Foundation). I have a background in marketing and assisting with an art gallery so this project to help a friend and a good cause within my town was right up my alley. I read up and found out that my good ole buddy was known to some as GD Garner and he is quite talented. I had always noticed that he carried around a set of pens with a notebook and would sketch doodles on menus everywhere we went, but had simply enjoyed observing and had never inquired any further.


GD Garner spent 5 years on a global expedition to all seven continents engaging indigenous cultures in search of the essence of life. His work chronicles those experiences and fuses them with his fervent imagination and exploitation of vibrant color. His work has been featured on the red carpet of numerous Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Sundance events as well as appearing on network, cable and public television shows, major feature films and the walls of countless A list celebrities homes.

Photo Aug 16, 11 38 39 PM

When GD told me of his plans to hold a Silent Auction & Fundraiser here in town, I was honestly a little apprehensive at first, but instantly agreeable to helping in any way a friend needed. Rincon is a small seasonal surf town, I had no idea how people would react to an art show of his caliber or how we would hold up to his expectations. Everyone’s intentions aside, nothing went as planned. Like any event, there were bumps along the way, but things smoothed out the way they tend to around here and the night ended up being more than a great success. All the art was sold incredibly fast and we were able to send ARF a nice bundle to provide for the fur kids in needs here in Puerto Rico. The band performing that night kept drawing my concentration away from my tasks that evening, they were fabulous! Horns and funky beats galore! I had never heard The Almas Band perform before that evening and I have been greatly looking forward to hearing them perform again ever since.

Check out the highlights video that I created using Luis Marin’s photographs from the evening! You can contact Luis Marin Creative for photoshoots and events. The music played in the video is called Booty Swing by Parov Stellar.


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