Gozalandia Waterfalls Gets A Makeover



Jungle Stairway to Waterfall

April 2014

Jungle Stairs to Waterfall

May 2016

Let me start off by saying that this has become one of my least favorite places to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful for where I live and I love a good waterfall just as much as the next explorer. Unfortunately, Gozalandia Waterfalls is one of the top five tourist destinations for travelers visiting the island, and being an Airbnb Hostess and Tour Guide based on the west coast of the island means that is one of the first places that people want to know about and see.
When I first arrived on the island over two years ago the waterfalls were just starting to become more of a local hangout spot and less of a tourist attraction. It is quite normal to hear booming music and squeals of laughter and play before you can even see that falls. Local Puerto Ricans spend their weekends and days off partying and BBQing with all the amenities that you would expect to find on a beach bumming Sunday Funday. As you descend the pathway down to the falls you hit a section where you become visible to everyone below, and people stop and stare if you are American. Other than staring, which is actually normal on the island, no one will make you feel unwelcome in anyway, the opposite in fact, someone will most likely offer you a cold Medalla fresh from the stream. I think they are watching you descend because they are half waiting for you to slip and fall so they can have a good show and laugh.

During the past two years I have noticed a significant amount of improvements made at the falls, but today especially I noticed so many differences I broke away from the group to wander around and take comparative shots from my very first visit. Since I had no interest in seeing the waterfalls for a umpteenth time, I instead used my time to make note of the changes and pay respect to the people doing all the improvements. Lots has been done to make both the driving entrance and the entrance, steps, and pathways around the waterfalls safer and more accessible. New paved pathways have been laid, concrete stairways, well mounted and sanded wood railings, and lots of warning signage is now posted clearly. My favorite of all the upgrades is that there is now a “lifeguard” of some sorts standing at the base of the lower waterfall giving signals with his whistle for jumpers safety, but that’s just the MamaBear in me.

The Gozalandia Waterfalls are definitely a must see while visiting Puerto Rico. I began this blog post still feeling a little grumpy about “wasting a day” going to a place I have visited many times before and I ended it remembering exactly why I love every little thing about this island so very much. Shame on me for taking any of these moments, experiences, and sights for granted for even a moment! I have added some videos of Osita leading us down to the waterfall and a link to a map to help you find the falls on your own. Enjoy!

New Jungle Stairs

New Jungle Stairs

Atención Attention


New Paved Jungle Stairs

Going Down!


Jungle Stairs

Follow Osita…

Jungle Safety First

Safety First






Waterfall Jungle Pond Restaurant

Waterfall Jungle Pond Restaurant



You can see the rest of the days YouTube Videos here at Gypsy Sugar Cloud. Subscribe to my channel for more island shenanigans videos with my adventurous Pomeranian Osita!



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