Eye Stye With My Little Eye

Eye Stye With My Little Eye

I went through 31 years of living without ever experiencing or fully understanding what a stye was until my dog, Osita, got one. I had some knowledgeable friends advise me on how to help her through it holistically and sure enough her symptoms were relieved within a day. Whether it was related in any way or not I have no idea, but exactly one month later, I got my first eye stye. Not just one though, for the next two month I got one after another, rotating between both of my eyes for a total of six times! I was totally sure that I was being cursed for something. First I will bring you up to speed on what an eye stye actually is, then I will let you in on the super magically medically secret that I developed for curing a stye in less than 12hrs. Seriously, I am a self claimed stye profession now.

When I told someone that my eye was hurting they suggested a stye, so I looked it up and began tackling the problem. A  stye  develops when an oil gland at the edge of an eyelid becomes infected. Resembling a pimple on the eyelid, a stye can grow on the inside or outside of the lid. The first signs are pain, redness, swelling and tenderness. I had all of the above including a sensation that there was a large sharp granule or foreign body resting on my eye. After symptoms appear, a small pimple will develop in the affected area, hence the granule sensation I figured out. Usually this is accompanied by swollen eyes. Sometimes just the immediate area is swollen; at other times, the entire eyelid swells. I experienced both hordeolum and chalazion styes. The first was the biggest and it formed underneath my upper eyelid. The other five formed along the rim of both of my eye lids, one at a time about two weeks apart each.

Styes typically don’t cause vision problems but they do cause your eye to water frequently and cause light sensitivity which makes using your eyes a gigantic burden for the moment. Oh yes, and little bits of white goo collects at the edge of the effected eye from time to time. Lovely, just lovely.

Once we determined what was wrong with my eye I took all the advice from all the people and read all the articles I could on the internet. I got five different types of eye drops and gels, new face wash and new eye makeup and proceeded to do battle for the next month and a half utilizing ointments and hot compresses. Then one day, during the fifth stye, I had an epiphany while I was indulging in early morning snuggles with Osita. I had Just dealt with a stye on Osita before all of mine started and she had relief within hours the way I handled hers! I jumped out of bed and prepared what I needed….and sure enough within two hours the stye that I had been working the last week to get rid of purged itself! It was so simple I laugh-cried for a full minute in relief.  By the time I got the sixth and final stye I was a pro and had it handled within 12hrs of detection.

How To Cure An Eye Stye:

What you will need:

  • hot water
  • compress/clean wash cloth/gauze pad
  • cotton makeup pads
  • q-tips
  • witch hazel (liquid or the witch hazel pads are super handy for this situation)
  • gentle unscented face wash


  • If you ever are experiencing the symptoms of a stye the first thing you should do is wash your face of all makeup and dirt
  • Prepare warm water for a compress
  • Use the cotton makeup pads to clean your entire eyelid and surrounding area
  • Follow up by using a q-tip soaked in witch hazel to Very Carefully and thoroughly clean the edge of your eye lid, even the inside if you are comfortable pulling your eyelid gently back (I would even do both witch hazel steps twice for the first time to make sure that you really clean everything good)
  • Next hold a hot compress to your effected eye for 2min intervals, rewarming the compress in between.

One method is to repeat the process every 2-3hrs until you get relief. Another is to listen to your eye, it will tell you exactly when to do the witch hazel-compress routine. You will feel an intense tingle in your eye, it will water sharply and you will feel an increased throbbing pressure right on the money spot where the stye is located. That means the stye is attempting to relieve itself and its the perfect time for you to cleanly help the process along. The white goo that you get at the corner of your eye is the stye expressing itself, so as nasty as it seems, it is actually a good sign that you are almost in the clear.

While I was battling back to back styes and begging for relief I was also wracking my brain on the How and Why behind the reason I had all of a sudden experienced not one but Six in a row. I very rarely wear makeup other than mascara and I am religious about washing my face daily. I surmised I was doing two things that I believe contributed to the stye re-occurrence, and then just today while doing research before writing this blog post I learned a third possible reason. I use an incredibly amazingly strong organic waterproof mascara (life on a tropical island, my mascara needs to be able to keep up!), and I was using a Tea Tree face wash that was so strongly scented that it burned my eyes when I used it, so I was not washing my eyes as thoroughly as I should have been after wearing such a strong mascara. The final reason I just learned about is that a stye can be caused by staphylococcal bacteria.This bacterium is found in the nose and is transferred easily to the eye when you rub your nose, then your eye. I have a nose ring that has a stud post and frequently looks like it is popping out, I am frequently checking it and re-positioning it, combined with my bad habit of rolling my mascara off of my lashes with my fingers, voila, staphylococcal bacteria all up in my eyeballs.

Lesson of the day: Don’t pick your nose and touch your eye or you will get  a pimple on your eyeball. Wash your hands and face.



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