The Opposite of Writer’s Block



Pardon my absence, I’ve been meaning to write. I am experiencing a blockage of some sort and I can not put a name to it. Something akin to the opposite of Writer’s Block. The opposite of a creative slowdown would be a creative overload, right?? Sweet Buddha so many ideas and so little time!!

What do you call it when you have too much to do, say and create? When the tasks, words and ideas don’t stop coming even after you have put pen to paper? When you look around your work space and find lists of your lists, none of which have anything crossed off yet you keep making senseless lists merely to purge the thoughts and ideas and make space for new ones. The urgency to use your time wisely is overwhelming the instinct to simply get anything done.

What do you do when there is too much to do?! Slow down. Just breath. Think back, think forward, think Now. What matters most to you? What is your purpose? Start small. Start simple.

Today my purpose is to be genuinely happy and to spread that happiness to at least one person. Also to finish my laundry and trim my toenails.

One Thing At A Time


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