Happiness Will Save The World

Happiness Will Save The World

So you want to make the world a better place huh? Well then, show me what you’re made of. What’s you’re weapon of choice? Are your blood thirsty troops armed and ready for a battle to the death? Did you gather your most devout believers to burn candles, sprinkle holy water, and pray on it? Or are you perhaps sitting clustered in a circle with equally peaceful tree huggers meditating on the earths vibrations and leaving it to faith that our Mother will handle it as She sees fit? It begins with a need and desire to see things better than they currently are, but if the path is not walked correctly then more damage can be done than harm. I say start small, mind your own business, and Be Happy. It wont be power and war that saves us. Not knowledge, education or even unconditional love that will be our salvation. It will be Happiness.

We have become desensitized to one another’s feelings, going so far as to display discomfort or even disgust at a display of another’s emotions. The stronger and more independent we get, the less we allow ourselves to feel. Walls of safety stacked around our hearts buffering us from even our own true feelings and making it easier for us to lie to ourselves. Losing touch with our intuitions and not trusting our instincts. We make ourselves feel safe, but are we truly happy? Do we even understand what Happiness means? No matter how much people have they still seem to display unhappy characteristics (unidentified anger, jealousy, self consciousness, etc). Recognizing it within myself, I fought, battled, and struggled for a change. I had to learn to stop wasting my energy on the emotional vampires that were sucking my happy soul dry.  The only way to make a change, is to live by example. You want to make the world a better place, then start by making Your world a better place. Focus on yourself first, and then start spreading the love around.

More than feared experiences and misconceptions, it is the unpredictable nature of people that terrifies me. I refuse to give up on humanity no matter how much it has hurt me and will most likely continue to hurt me. I want to be free to feel and be comfortable feeling. Not just the happy rewarding moments but the trials and tribulations that alter our paths and mind sets as well. I want to speak not just to hear my own voice, but to receive honest feedback from the ones I am conversing with. I want to live just to Be. Not to live for an end goal or an afterlife legacy, but simply just for the pleasure of being alive. I do not want to live in an environment where it is considered a weakness of character to cry when sad or shout when angry. I do not want to live in a community that only shows you love and support when the situation is a positive one. I want to be surrounded by people that show support through the good and the bad without selfish intent. I am not expecting perfection of character in each and every one of my companions, but I do demand honesty and respect from this point forward. This is a new year, where I will introduce myself to new habits, new energies, and spread myself above and beyond to new boundaries.  I choose to be happy and to surround myself with like minded happy people. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, so be brave enough to let go of those who weight you down and steal your sunshine. Know that real friendship is simple, easy, weightless and Free! Pick up and hold on to people you love along the way….but travel light. Float on. Be happy. Love more!

My happiness will know no boundaries and will be stopped by no amount of negative forces working against me. I am going to change the world. My seed has been planted, I water it daily, and I am prepared for its growth.

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Tina and Donna on the boat ride to the Lodge


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