My Tourist Collection is Growing!

My Tourist Collection is Growing!

I found a cure for my loneliness! I have begun a new hobby collecting tourists. Don’t you laugh at me, I’m conquering fears one baby step at a time. I’m not afraid of people or anything weird, I just have found few that I like to spend time with on a long term basis. I’m not going into a ramble about my quirks and oddities today, save that for another post ūüėČ

What started as a temporary relief from a case of sever blues and loneliness, is quickly becoming¬†my new favorite hobby. I came to Puerto Rico alone, I left all my family, friends, regular routines and hobbies back on the mainland and started fresh here. I do have a cousin Summer who lives here but she’s just as much of a LoneWolf as I am. I will properly introduce you to her loveliness later since I mention her a lot, she creates Rockin swimsuits. There is an immense sense of relief and freedom that comes with starting fresh, but it is paired with an intense feeling¬†of loneliness at times as I readjust to my new surroundings and meet new people here. I was mentally preparing myself to spend my very first Christmas completely alone and I was not handling it well. After I was done feeling sad about my current state of solitude I decided to pretend it was just another day and go through my regular routine of beach hunting/dog duties/movies and crocheting. I even went so far as to cook up a roasted chicken for myself and my buddy before he left for work. Just as I had settled my soul the universe gifted me with a lovely, equally lonely Brazilian girl who was staying on the property (I live on the property of vacation bungalows, new people come and go constantly)! I quickly pulled my curls into a bun so I didn’t look like a desperate crazy person, and offered myself up to her as a Christmas Companion. Lara & I have hung out everyday since, and yesterday we collected another solitary straggler, Justin from New Jersey!

Lara & Chelsea's Chubby Shadow Heart

Lara & Chelsea’s Chubby Shadow Heart

Paddle boarding, beach hunting, and a few impromptu mini adventures where I took them to some groovy spots for photographs and secluded swimming. Every time I get to show someone around I remember why I love it here.¬†I feel like I should make this a Thing. Offer myself up as a tourist companion………wait a second, nope, never mind, that’s beginning to sound a lot like a borderline island escort girl! Making friends with the people who come to stay at the Las Palmas Del Mar Vacation Bungalows is¬†defiantly¬†going to make life a wee bit more interesting though that’s for¬†sure. I love hearing about where people come from and what brings them to La Isla Encanta!¬†Foreign¬†and out of town friends means more vacation swapping in my future, Bonus!¬†

Lara intrigues the heck out of me. She is young, beautiful, intelligent, and has the world at her fingertips. She is currently on a slightly similar self quest as I am and I applaud her bravery! Meeting her has been a blessing and I have high hopes that we will stay in contact even when she leaves the island. Justin was a handsomely odd addition to our trio with his giant man paws and military background, but we fast discovered there was far more to him. Sensitive yet ultra sarcastic, he ended up fitting right in to our shenanigans. Each of us had individual needs yet instantly adjusted from going solo to having each others backs and interests in mind. I had good times bonding with these two and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

So, my Holiday melancholy was successfully diverted. I also retaught myself an important lesson about how powerful my mind can be. Sometimes I have to force myself to get out and be a social creature, but every time I do I am rewarded for it. Rewarded with friendship, experiences, lessons, confidence, and memories.

Aguadilla Ruins

Aguadilla Ruins

Lara Above Spanish Wall

Lara Above Spanish Wall

Lara/Justin Playa Crashboat

Lara/Justin Playa Crashboat


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