DC/CW TV Show Timeline Guides

DC/CW TV Show Timeline Guides

When every single day is Netflix & Chill, one tends to run out of things to watch very quickly. I crochet for a living and in order to keep my rumpus rooted in place for hours straight I have to binge watch TV shows like its a profession. While I’m hooking (the term used for crocheters and knitters within the fiber community regarding to the “hook” that is used to create our projects), movies don’t cut it for me for many reasons. I can’t watch movies alone because need a partner in critic crime to discuss the plot and who-done-its with, I have too pay too much attention to follow along properly, and the storyline doesn’t last long enough for me to get any work done. I love the long drawn out character introductions and the unfolding of many layers involved in telling a TV show story.

Due to my healthy appetite of a binge worthy diet, I can not stand to watch shows when they originally air, and try to avoid media and friends who are discussing spoilers. While I love how Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all drop full seasons on our asses, they still get our entertainment addicted brains hooked and leave us binge watchers feigning for our next fix. My crochet business has been picking up recently causing me to require a lot more hours of hooking, which means a lot more hours needed of stellar entertainment to keep my fingers movin’ and groovin’. The other thing that I consider when selecting things to watch is what energy I put into my force field. It really is true when our parents tell us scary movies will give us nightmares. Our subconscious brains are far trickier than we give them credit for and are always working either for our against us whether we realize it or not. For these reasons, I try to steer clear from bloody gore and dark twisted perversions, even though the yang to my yin is drawn to stories that are told within the shadows. Sitcoms, Rom-coms, documentaries and dramas don’t hold my interest for the work background noise that I need when I’m alone. Alas, I find my perfect balance within superhero sagas telling tales of once ordinary turned extraordinary, tortured souls doing their light work within the darkness.

I had been saving Legends of Tomorrow until I had the background stories covered of all the individual characters, but as I started watching The Flash and saw The Arrow enter a scene, I immediately realized I was watching stuff out of order. I began the task of researching each storyline and episode airdate to figure out when to watch what and when to cross over into the other shows in order to follow the storyline properly. While my OCD brain was having a blast structuring the DC Comics/CW timeline, I was wasting Tons of my precious time that I could be spending working on orders, so I stopped and just cheated. I knew I couldn’t be the first organized person to want to watch the shows in proper order, I just had to find someone with more time on their hands than I. I googled “whats the best way to binge watch dc tv shows” and Boom got exactly what I was looking for.

A couple of guys did different articles at different times and one includes a bit more detail, check them both out and pick which list works best for you.

Rob Bricken published What’s The Best Way To Binge Watch The Entire DC/CW Universe?  on Gizmodo.com and Robbert de Koeijer published A DC TV Universe Timeline Guide on Denofgeek.com. The Denofgeek article was published a year earlier and includes extensive details and web series crossovers as well, but the Gizmodo article is more current and a quick and easy list to follow. If you are a fellow DC binge watcher comment below and let me know what episode your on and who your favorite DC Character is! Comment below also if you know of another epic longtime running show that you think I should check out.

Sidenote: Just as I finished writing up this post I recalled that in my youth there was a longtime running show that would be right up my alley…..Smallville. I can’t believe that I’m SO good at putting a show out of my head until I can binge watch it in its entirety that I completely forgot all about that epic 10 year running saga! Have any of my readers watched Smallville? Am I totally in for a treat??

I once was lost….


Somewhere along the way I lost myself and my purpose here. Not here on the planet in this life. I know exactly where I stand in the scheme of things. I know my purpose in the universe. Here, in my blog though, I got more wrapped up in sharing content that I thought would interest the people or boost my businesses instead of sharing thoughts that my heart needed to purge and the sort of things I wanted to share just because this is my sacred space and I CAN. I forgot why I had originally created this blog in the first place.

I designed this humble little blog with one simple purpose in mind. I wanted a page to help motivate young people with illnesses towards a lifestyle of  positivity and optimism regardless of how their bodies make them feel on the inside and look on the outside. I want to share my own story while strengthening and inspiring both myself and others also living with auto immune diseases. I created this to be a safe space for myself and others in similar situations. Regardless of our genetic makeup and universal design, this life is what we make of it. No matter how much pain and illness one lives with, how we react to our bodies and how we make other people feel towards our conditions is our personal power.

Four years ago, after 10years of doctors, surgeries and tests, misdiagnosis’s of cancer, MS, and Ulcerative Colitis, I was finally correctly diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. After all the time spent in hospitals and doctors offices, I was barely 29 years old and living in daily misery completely consumed by the pains ripping through every nerve in my body and watching my physical state deteriorate faster than I could get to my next round of tests. I never admitted it verbally to anyone around me, but I lost all purpose for living. I saw absolutely no point in going on, but I never wanted anyone to know how dark my thoughts had spiraled because I had lost my own mother to suicide and I was all to aware of how actions such as that effected the people left behind. So I pushed on, not for myself, but for others, to show strength and inspire people, all while doling out fake smiles and secretly wanted to not be Me anymore. Somewhere along the way, I noticed I wasn’t faking anymore and I truly did feel an endless source of strength from within and I began inspiring my very own self.

I came from an upbringing that valued privacy, almost to the point of secrecy. I realized how secluded my mindset was keeping me from the rest of society but I didn’t know any other way to be but private with a lone wolf mentality. Out of loneliness and desperation for connection of any kind, I taught myself to be vulnerable. It took many years, but eventually I learned to trust and open up. I learned the power of sharing thoughts and feelings and situations with others and about how much more we can learn about our selves when we share our experiences. I shifted my mindset from a place of misery and wanting to give up on life, to a place where I now see so much love and light in all things surrounding me that I want to share the beauty with everyone that I can. In a way, I feel as though I was given a second chance at life. We are never given struggles that we can not handle, and everything truly does happen for a reason.

In the beginning stages of learning to live my “new life”, a life of acceptance, self compassion and simple, gentle living instead of stress, denial and being to hard on myself. I had found hope and inspiration from a few blogs that had been created by other young people living full successful lives with auto immune diseases. I did not want to compete or take anything from the other blogs, but I felt that I too had something unique to share with the masses. My positive outlook, humor and resilience throughout the hard and seemingly impossible times, was something that I wanted to share with people in hopes of inspiring and connecting. The selfish side of me also wanted a way to connect with other people who were living with similar diseases so that I didn’t feel so alone, odd, different and medically freakish.

I want to help shed light on what life with auto immune diseases is actually like for both those living with the diseases and for those loving ones with diseases. It might seem hard to believe, but it is just as difficult to live with auto immune diseases as it is to live near it and not fully understand it, if that makes sense. As I struggle with my own issues, I am also hyper aware of how difficult to understand and uncomfortable pain and emotions can make other people feel. Communication has been my saving grace throughout this process. Educating others so they have an understanding of what I deal with and don’t feel nervous around me, or scared that something will happen that they have to be responsible for my well being, has allowed me to feel comfortable leaving my house and be able to enjoy the company of others again.

You did not stumble upon this blog post for no reason. Everything has a design, this was meant to be. Thank you for taking a moment to be present here with me. I hope I can help shed light and be a source of hope and inspiration for others. Please feel free to leave comments or message me directly if you feel the desire to reach out and connect for any reason. I am here and I am happy to help.

Free Crochet Pattern: Raspberries

Free Crochet Pattern: Raspberries

My Instagram followers keep asking me for my Raspberry crochet pattern so I’m giving it away on Ravelry for FREE! Follow this link below to see my (very small) Crochet Pattern Collection on Ravelry.com

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Please do not copy my pattern and use it as your own. This pattern is copyright protected and cannot be changed, sold, or published/reproduced in any way. You cannot sell or change the pattern but you are welcome to sell any of the items that you create yourself using one of my patterns. PLEASE remember to reference my Shop (Etsy – Gypsy Sugar Crochet and IG @gypsysugarcrochet for which pattern you used and tag me in your photos!


Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria

All is well, but boy oh boy, do I have a story to tell. Everything has changed. Nothing will ever be exactly the same. A historical natural disaster that will never be forgotten, has drastically altered the lives of myself and every single person that I know in Puerto Rico. It all happened so fast I didn’t see it coming. In fact, none of us saw it coming, except weathermen and possibly psychics. Actually, that’s not true. We did see it coming. We were warned, but after the false Irma scare we didn’t really take the Maria warning as seriously as we should have. By the time the realization hit us that Maria was a real threat, everyone was scrambling at once to snatch up the scarcely limited available resources.

I am a writer and storyteller by nature, but this is one story that I find it incredibly difficult to relive in order to tell so please bare with me. It has been three months and I still can’t find the words to properly share this experience with others without choking on my tears. I am still in the awkward process of gaining a new understanding, reforming a slightly altered state of mind, and creating a new reality of the world that I live in. While my heart and soul remains the same, everything around me has changed. I have always been graced with the ability to easily adapt, but the series of events I lived through these past months most definitely had me utilizing every survival skill, Girl Scout knowledge, and ounce of patience and faith that I have within me. Even though I will never ever forget this time of my life, the days nights and events got blurred from our lack of communication with the outside world so I had been taking careful notes to remember the timeline of events.

On September 20th, 2017 life as we knew it on Puerto Rico was forever changed. Barely a couple weeks after Hurricane Irma showed mercy and altered her pathway away from us, we were given very little time to prepare for the next round of hurricanes that were lined up to hit us directly. Due to the last minute detour that Irma took, a lot of people expected the same from Maria and did not prepare themselves and their households properly to defend against the incoming storms.

I was sheltered safely within the abandoned Bumble Bee Tuna Factory along the port of Mayaguez but thousands of others did not have the protection that I did and suffered in more ways than the media let on to the public. The storm alone was horrifying, but the aftermath is what left some of us scarred forever. Maria not only broke records with her ferocious wind speeds, but she annihilated everything in her pathway shattering homes and spirits alike. Many are homeless and in dire need, while some are merely using this disaster as an excuse to act like the savages they are deep down inside. Once the 150+ mile an hour winds and constant downpour stopped it took only a matter of days for the chaos to begin. Loss of our amenities was just the beginning, next came the loss of sanity, morals, law and order. Houses fell on humans, animals were abandoned, elderly were left to fend for themselves, homes and hospitals were looted, cars and people were high jacked along the highway while attempting to forage for supplies for their families, and a new world was created over night. We have always joked here in Rincon that we live in the Wild Wild West, but what transpired after the hurricane was something more akin to Mad Max.

After almost a decade of being attached to my phone and highly active on all my platforms of social media due to my businesses in the marketing and public service industry, all of a sudden without notice no one could get a hold of me in any way. I went completely radio silent to the world around me for almost two whole months. The aftermath of Hurricane Maria demanded so much of my personal time, strength, and energy that I truly forgot that there was still an entire world out there off this island. I forgot that there were people out there who know me and love me and who had been sick with worry about my lack of communication as they sat back on the mainland watching God only knows what on the news about the state of Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria. After over a month, I was finally able to tap into my social media accounts, and what I saw brought me to tears. It was an eerie sensation akin to following yourself into your own funeral and hearing people mourn over you, talk about how loved you were and how much you meant to everyone. I was alive and well and helping others all around me, but no one knew it except the people here in Puerto Rico who had tracked me down in person or left notes on my door or throughout town for me to find.

Everywhere you look houses are ripped apart, flooded or completely sunken into the soft soil they previously rested upon. Cars are smashed by flying debris, upturned from the wind, or abandoned roadside without gas to refuel. Power lines are dangling everywhere and many of the poles have been cut into pieces to clear roadways. Animals are deserted and joining up in rough street packs to scavange for themselves or left for dead. Mayhem everywhere the eye can see, and yet its the trees that make my eyes water and spill over. This is normally my favorite time of the year in Puerto Rico. This is our wet season when the island vegetation takes over in every shade of green the color wheel has to offer and some that your eyes never knew existed. Now all I see is brown. Mud covers everything and the trees are completely naked. What my eyes see makes it hard to remember where I actually am. This beautiful island that I have called home for the last four years. This island that healed me, empowered me, and changed me in all the right and necessary ways is left battered and bruised and needing our compassion and unconditional love so desperately right now. Puerto Rico and its people are strong and we have already made great efforts towards repairing our beautiful island. Many who remained here after the hurricane joined or created relief groups and rounded up and delivered supplies all across the island. Waves For Water and Watts of Love are just two of several nonprofit organizations that got involved and are still doing lots to bring supplies to the people remaining on the island.

Something like this changes you. It breaks you down into pieces and puts you back together, but the sum total is different. Nothing will ever be exactly the same. This new life is our reality now and I am already used to it. The lives we lived before Hurricane Maria already seems like a distant dream, or another life entirely perhaps. While the media normally tends to over or under exaggerate the status of our island lives, the reality is probably not too far from the truth this time.

I have posted some of the things I saw and lived through during Hurricane Maria and the aftermath on my Facebook Page. You can follow this link Cloud 9 Casitas: Hurricane Maria to access the photo album I created. Please do not reuse any of my photos without my permission or giving me credit and linking me to your posts.


Crochet Candy Corn (Free Pattern)

Crochet Candy Corn (Free Pattern)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for so I always begin early. I usually create my patterns myself or use another pattern as a guide and alter it to my specifications. I like my crochet fiber art to come out either true to life size or I love the challenge of making a pattern as tiny as possible.  While searching for a Candy Corn pattern I couldn’t find anything that I liked, most of the patterns were much bigger than the life size version that I wanted to create. I made up a pattern myself that comes out a bit more true to size and when I posted the finished product on my Instagram page I got lots of requests to share the pattern so here you go! This is an easy pattern worked in rounds, you can end each round with a slip stitch and begin each new round with a Ch1 if you prefer but I like the simplicity of working in a continuous round.

Candy Corn Crochet Pattern

Stitches used: Magic Circle, Sc, Inc (increase=two single crochet stitches in one space). SlSt (Slip Stitch)

Supplies Needed

  • (W)hite Yarn
  • (O)range Yarn
  • (Y)ellow Yarn
  • E Hook (3.5mm)
  • Darning Needle & Scissors

Round 1: Using White yarn: Magic Circle with 3sc inside ((Or: Ch2, in 2nd st from hook insert 3sc)) – 3sts

Round 2: Inc, Sc, Inc – 5sts

Round 3: Switch to Orange yarn: Sc, Inc, Sc, Inc, Sc – 7sts

Round 4: Sc, Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Inc, Sc – 9sts

Round 5: Switch to Yellow yarn: Sc, Sc, Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc, Inc, Sc, Sc – 11sts

Round 6: SlSt to complete Round5, tuck ends inside Candy Corn, pinch together and SlSt across the top to close off and give a nice finish.

Fasten Off and tuck in tail and you’re all done!

I am sharing this pattern for FREE. This is my first time sharing one of my patterns so please leave a comment below if you tried it and it hooked up successfully or message me if you have any questions or suggestions. Please don’t repost or sell my pattern and claim it as your own. You are encouraged to share my link and direct people to my blog, Instagram, or Facebook page. I would love to see other people’s finished product as well so please tag me in your posts! I linked the Facebook page if you click the link below, and you can follow me on Instagram as well by searching for @GypsySugarCrochet


Gypsy Sugar Crochet 


You can also find my pattern listed on Ravelry.com by following this link rightchae Gypsy Sugar Crochet on Ravelry


Welcome Home To Your Heart


They say Home Is Where The Heart Is. I never understood how true that was until I opened my heart wide enough to Be A Home for ALL.

I didn’t realize how in my head I had been living these last couple of weeks as I took care of the dogs needs, worked on my crocheting, and took the time to recharge my solo soul energy. The alone time was necessary to reset, but more importantly it remind me that I am a healer with a wealth of energy to spare. If I say or think, “I do not have the energy for this” then it is so. It’s not about whether or not I have the strength to do so. We Always have enough energy, it is a matter of the desire to bring it into existence or not. Energy is a choice. We are so much stronger than we allow ourselves to be at times.

I discovered exactly what I had been doing in the past that made reading Tarot for others so draining to myself. I would soak up loads of energy being gathered and passed around during readings and hold it within me. So much energy trapped within my vessel, ricocheting around within me, left me both supercharged and drastically drained. I didn’t realize what I had been doing until I was able to verbalize it out loud with my Goddess Crystal. (Not an Actual crystal guys…my best Goddesses Name Is Crystal). I thought it was my duty to actively move, purge or direct the energy while reading cards, and while I Can, it’s not my responsibility and will only do me harm in the long run.

(Is this actually true, or is it only true because I created the thought into existence? Do I actually even care about the answer to that? It is so and that is all that matters.)

Bellies filled with grub made from love, I cleared a space, gathered my Goddess close, and we laid out the most intense tarot reading I’ve ever experienced with another person. I am humbled enough by the process to be no longer concerned with where to put the energy, because I realize now that is not my job. That task is reserved for the universe. Let it go and let it flow.

Crystal & I are so insanely connected that I could literally feel the electricity zing between our fingertips from the moment we began shuffling the deck together. I didn’t even ask her if she felt anything physically because I didn’t want to alter the process in anyway. Wee bitty warm electrical shocks, more like vibrations actually, allowed me to brace myself for what was to come. I didn’t warn her, that’s half the fun.

The range of emotions that passes over a Querient’s (Querient is the word used for the person who’s cards are being read) face give me life. The tears make me giggle and I don’t even try to hide it. I don’t find the feels amusing, I mean no disrespect, but I am highly aware that the power play at war between heart, head and ego is coming to fruition right here in front of me. Some meet themselves for the very first time right before my eyes and I am honored and humbled to be a witness to a moment so sacred. That moment when a person discovers that the exact path they are on is in fact exactly where they are supposed to be.

It is not my job to read another’s cards, that is up to them. I am merely a doorway towards understanding. I know nothing about another’s life, desires and fears. Who am I to interpret cards into current situations for another? My purpose here is to help give the cards meanings and allow the querient to discover their own interpretations.

Other than for myself, I have never read the cards of someone I am so completely connected with as I did last night. It was an incredibly powerful feeling. My energy is still shimmering bright from last night. I am A giver of light and grateful to be a part of the process of self discovery.

Welcome home to your heart. I am honored to introduce yourself to yourself.

I would love to connect with other card readers and light givers! Comment below and say hi or send me a private message if you would like!

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Full Moon Tarot Spread

While the new moon is a time for beginnings, the full moon is a time for reflection rather than starting new things. The August full moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon or the Red Moon, is a time of balance between hope and fear. We have harvested some things but the remaining crops are still in limbo. We take the steps we can to ensure success in our lives or trusting that the universe will meet us halfway.

I have been in an uncharacteristic limbo this past month without any inkling of why, yet realizing something was majorly off . Two days ago I made a big life decision and was shocked by the intense sense of relief that instantly washed over me because of the decision made firmly in my head and heart. I say shocked because pride myself in knowing myself, and yet I had not recognized before now what had been so obviously bothering me. With firm decision in hand, everything inside and around me clicked right back into peaceful place. My fears eased and I again felt hopeful for whatever was next to come.
Yesterday a good friend reminded me at the full moon was coming up and I was hit with another A-Ha! moment. Well of course I was going through the motions, the moons are always playing with our universal design pushing and pulling us in necessary directions. I have recently become fascinated with reading tarot cards and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to practice some different spreads.

I tuned into my Buddhist Monk Radio Pandora station, gathered my crystals, and cleared my mind and energy. Focusing hard on the moon, my most recent life decision, and my intentions for the upcoming month, I prepared myself for my Full Moon tarot spread reading. Below I share my reading and interpretations!

Waning Moon
1. Things to let go of
2. Things to keep
3. Things yet to come
Waxing Moon
4. How the world effects you
5. What to give
5. What to receive
7. What to learn

Full Moon Tarot Spread Meaning & Interpretation

  1. 4 of Pentacles: stagnation, covetousness, avarice, lack of investments, material fears and uncertainty (I had been procrastinating on an important business decision that has cost me a lot of money this past year. I had been fearful of letting go because I liked the status and reputation that I had and was not allowing myself to make the decision that I knew was necessary. It was time to let go.)
  2. 3 of Pentacles: piece of work, creation, architecture, job, attention to detail, passion for one's own things. (I am incredibly passionate about what I do and attention to detail is very important to me yet I was letting little things slide because I was overwhelmed. This month I will focus on downsizing and simplifying so the I can regain my reputation for paying close attention to detail)
  3. The Emperor: Will, ability to control events and situations, ability to meditate, strength, virility, violent exercise of power (I am strong enough to be in complete control of my universe, good things are coming because I am able to slow my pace down, meditate on what's necessary and trust my intuition to guide me)
  4. Queen of Swords: aridity, repentance, need, sterility (being an empath makes me incredibly vulnerable to the worlds energy, I must be incredibly careful with everything that I do and allow to happen around me)
  5. King of Pentacles: owner, employer, hierarchical figure, funds, experience of success (I am my own Boss, I make my own rules. My financial situation will soon change drastically in a positive way due to the decision that I made)
  6. 4 of Swords: immobility, weight, sleep, concentration (As hard as it is to feel "immobile", sometimes doing nothing is more beneficial than doing something. This is a situation where waiting and being patient will bring greatness my way again very soon)
  7. Hierophant: inspiration, ability to bring conflicts to an end, feelings, relief, advisor, guide, example, serenity of judgment, patience (My year long conflict has finally ended and I feel a great relief and serenity from the decision that I have made. I was and always will exude patience over the need to push the universe in the direction that I think I want it to go in. I Trust Me)

So basically my full Moon Tarot Spread said that I indeed had made the right decision and am on the exact path that I need to be. I love how reading tarot always reconfirms what I already know in my heart and the fiber of my being. I have wanted to learn to read tarot since my early teens and didn't realize that that is why I was never successful at it before. Reading tarot is not something to be learned, it is something to feel and trust. Sure, there is knowledge involved in interpreting the cards but our instincts and intuition plays a far more major role. As soon as I let go of my expectations of reading Tarot and just went with the flow that my energy guided me along, my understanding clicked into place immediately. Tarot Reading is an interpretative art form to be used as a springboard to ignite and fire up all the different levels of consciousness with our hearts and minds so that our lives can be either enhanced or protected. Allow yourself to relax and be open to what feels right for you. It’s this organic, intuitive approach that will make all the difference for your Tarot readings. Do you have a favorite Tarot Spread or preferred deck that you like to use?comment below and share your knowledge! Many blessings my friends!

Tarot de las Sirenas

Tarot de las Sirenas

When I began struggling to complete my usual morning meditations and affirmations, and I wasn’t able to find my own days direction within myself, I began pulling tarot to help guide and center me. All I had was an adorable Tiny Tarot deck and no knowledge to back anything up that I was doing. I began with three card pulls just to set my intentions and daily affirmations, and used the technique as a calming practice while I was traveling during the last month. My travels took me to New Orleans where I stumbled into Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo. Without intention, my energy guided me directly to two items that I would never have normally selected to purchase on my own. I didn’t allow for thought, I only let my instincts guide me through the shop and spent more money than I ever do on myself in normal circumstances. My eyes and head wanted a different deck. My energy forced me to select the Tarot of Mermaids. I live on an island so I figured this was an appropriate deck for my surroundings and became curious to learn how the deck would guide me.

I normally love diving straight in to my new findings, but for some reason once purchased, I had no driving desire to even open the deck. I unpacked my entire travel bag and even left the unopened deck all alone in my backpack. I found it odd that I still didn’t want to touch them, but I know better than to question my instincts and knew when it was time I would know. This morning was the time, and the intention of my pull was not even for myself. A friend in need reached out to me with a simple “I feel like I need to see you soon…I’ve been feeling lots of different things lately, I just need to center myself again.”. This was a special woman who deserved a special pull from a special deck. Out came The Mermaid Tarot. I had two other close friends who reached out to me in different ways, but I could feel each of their individual stresses, anxieties, and needs. I made three separate pulls, and sent each of my friends the images and descriptions of what I pulled, allowing them to create their own interpretations.

I can not deny my energy’s strength. Without any knowledge of what I am doing, my pulls are always eerily and freakishly on point. Always. I’ve always known that we are all capable of greatness of different kinds, but I am only recently learning to toes the outer edges of my personal power. The least I can do is honor this process a little more fully by educating myself a little further. I did a little research just for some basic definitions and understanding of the deck that I was using. I didn’t want to much outside guidance to effect my own energy and instincts. Below I show my very first full tarot pull. Mermaids and Tritons show the human side, head and bust, hiding their true nature underwater, the fish shaped appearance. In the first 1-8 list, I listed the card spread diving meaning. In the second set of 1-8 I list my own personal pulls followed by the cards meaning with my own personal interpretations in parenthesis.

  1. Current Situation
  2. Abilities and strong points
  3. Question being examined, which could get out of control
  4. Weaknesses, bad habits. Revealed and submerged stomach
  5. Influences of others, aftermath of old problems
  6. How the situation could develop negatively  without necessary actions
  7. Which “boats” you should rock, what can be done, what must not be done
  8. Summary: sums up the meaning of the other 7 cards, what is obvious, what is hidden, guiding toward the end


My Personal Pull & Interpretations

  1. VIII Strength : moral strength, courage, ability to interact with others, ability to persuade, aptitude for work (I am currently at the top of my life game when it comes to my own energy and understanding of my capabilites. Others can feel my energy before they are aware of me or why they have the feels and I always try to use that power for good in aiding others)
  2. II High Priestess : mysteries of femininity, unexpected pregnancy, an unforeseen event, feelings sacrificed for reason, the pursuit of power, breaking rules, ability to judge, willingness to study (I was raised surrounded by men and tomboyish females with “male instincts”, only now in my thirties am I discovering the power of my femininity and learning about what it means to Be A Woman. I am learning to put my personal feelings to the back burner when the time calls for a level head. Some minor authority issues, yes, I’ll admit it. I have always loved to learn but have only recently began seeking out extra knowledge of all kinds on my own time)
  3. The Fool : eccentricity, unpredictability, psychological instability, desire to sidestep the rules, to escape from everyday routine, multiple professional skills, tendancy towards sexual freedom and erotic quirks, opportunism, willingness to be the center of attention, ambiguity (Rules are guidelines for those lacking instincts and intuition, life is not black & white, after celibacy throughout my twenties-my thirties are for discovering and owning my sexual freedom. I don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but I am willing to do so for good causes and inspiration for others. I am more than one, more than I, I am So Much in one human form)
  4. IV of Wands : refuge, accord, time to meet with success (the time is now, success of different kinds is coming my way faster than I can process)
  5. IV The Emperor : will, ability to control events and situations, ability to meditate as well as strength, virility, violent exercise of power (I used to let events control me, now I am in control of my universe. At times I forget what I am capable of and unintentionally and excessively exert my power)
  6. VII The Chariot : success, capacity to lead, ability to keep ones head above water, instinct (Whether I want to be or not, I am a leader. Completely comfortable being guided or a part of a group, but the group will always follow me and look to me for guidance. I am a source of calming strength to most that I know. Trusting my instincts has never ever steered me wrong and every time I used my head or heart instead I met disaster)
  7. Knight of Chalices : great passion, emotional turmoil, unfaithful lover, fickleness, whim, inconsistency (Passion in Everything that I do! I am an incredibly sensitive empath and before I was aware of what my energy was capable of used to deal with a lot of undisciplined emotions and feels. I have a unique experience and thought process behind sex/love/lovers/relationships/etc…we are not here to restrict or label each other, we are here to learn from and enjoy each other. I am not an unfaithful lover, I am open and honest with anyone who I chose to share the magic that comes along with sharing my body and energy with)
  8. I The Magician : skill, diplomacy, ability to astonish, capacity to seduce, enchantment (Sums up the meaning of my card pull and my currently life situations perfectly)


I am HOOKED. I love the individual magic behind tarot cards. Everyone could pull the same exact cards and come away with different interpretations suited to each individual moment and experience. Every card has a different meaning depending on its position, so you will get a unique and detailed perspective on your current situation. I made the mistake of getting too excited and offered readings to a few friends which I posted in my Instagram Story (Follow me on Instagram @gypsysugarcloud). I was swiftly contacted by others requesting readings and because I was in a learning, practicing, and giving state of mind, I allowed more of my energy to leak away than I had intended. I was not aware of what I was doing. What I was capable of. After four hours of readings I was overcome with an enormous wave of exhaustion. I looked in the mirror to see a wild eyed woman with crazy curls, huge dark circles, bags under my eyes, and an ache that was rapidly spreading through my entire body starting from my temples and reaching down to my ankles. Despite being well rested, taking my Kratom, and drinking my morning coffee, I felt like I had been awake for two days straight and had completed a triathlon. Now I know. I will not make that mistake again. I will never ever completely block my energy from others and vice versa, again because I have learned in the past how much that restricts my energy in other useful ways. I will, however, protect myself better the next time I read tarots for someone else other than myself. Energy is incredible stuff and we are all capable of so very much more than we realize. Proceed with caution anytime you are attempting to give or receive energy work of any kind because whether we are aware of it or not, our energy leaves stains and cords throughout everything that it touches. Blessings!

Hennessy is helping Mama recharge post reading. My dogs always join me during my energy work.

The New Old La Mesa, Ca

The New Old La Mesa, Ca

I was born and raised in a small town outside of San Diego County, called La Mesa. La Mesa, California, also known as “The Jewel of the Hills” was established in 1912.  Throughout much growth, both in population and industry, La Mesa’s sophisticated yet quaint image has risen over the years. La Mesa is now best-known for its seasonal festivities, as well as for its historical downtown area on La Mesa Blvd. more commonly referred to by the locals as “The Village.” I moved from La Mesa to Puerto Rico about three years ago and always experience a major shock when I return back to my hometown. I can barely keep up with all the changes! I am an old soul and normally struggle with accepting change when there are alterations and new establishments around our town, but this visit found me in a completely different state of mind of acceptance. I was completely overwhelmed by how many new restaurants, bars and shops were lining La Mesa Blvd but there was not one place that didn’t feel like it belonged. The city has been doing an amazing job at what is being allowed to be opened in town and restricting establishments that don’t mesh with the quaint town vibe. Everything felt like it remained true to the original historical design of town as well as integrating just the right amount of newness to draw the right kind of attention.

I am learning to accept the beauty that can come with change. Now when I return to my hometown of La Mesa I look forward to seeing what has altered along the boulevard and what remains the same. There’s very little that could alter my love for this adorable little town that I will always call my original home. This list of restaurants that I have provided below is primarily establishments that are set along The Village Blvd. If I left something out or have placed something on the list that no longer exists please comment below and let me know. Even though I live in Puerto Rico now I love keeping informed about what happens back in my family neighborhood. You can be guided to the websites belonging to every single one of the places listed below simply by clicking on the name. Enjoy!

List of New Establishments in La Mesa Village


Newbie’s Still Holding Ground

Some Good Ole Classics

A Few of My Favorites That I Grew Up With Still Standing Strong (a wee bit off the Blvd)


My last visit home was filled with fun, family and lots and lots of food. I added a restaurant review about my visit to the new Farmer’s Table La Mesa and you can read it here in my Restaurant Reviews Page . I can’t wait to see what changes will be in store for me on my next visit back to La Mesa!


I Never Give Up, I Give In

I Never Give Up, I Give In

Nothing has gone “right” or as expected these past three weeks, luckily I let go of the wheel and allowed the universe take over 17 days ago so it’s been nothing more than a beautiful ride. The universe has a completely different design in mind for me right now and that’s fine by me, I trust the energy taken and given will be put to good use. I create everything and anything into existence and I truly believe that it is my positive thought process that makes me so blessed and successful in life.

Each day I go to sleep with closure meditations and reawaken to the clean slate of a completely new day full of brand new possibilities being created into existence. Last night I knew I would have to wake up with the sun with so much to get done so I set my intentions before bed and slept peacefully, charging up as much energy as possible.  I woke minutes before my alarm, my brain cranking long before my feet hit the floor. So much happening so fast that I can barely hang on – so I don’t – I let go and trust. I counted my spoons (The Spoon Theory), grabbed my list of lists, kissed my fur kids (the count is currently at three), cranked the car stereo and hit the road to the old Bumble Bee Tuna Factory (Check out a previous blog post I had written about exploring this cool abandoned factory: Isla Adventure Squad: Bumble Bee Tuna Factory) to take my best buddy David to work. The Clean Ocean Initiative Project is full systems a-go so there are new rules involving security all around the factory. I signed in and walked up to the main office to shoot the shit with the boys a bit before everyone got into their work flow and I had to rush off to tend to my own day. New baby goats were born at the factory about an hour before we arrived on the scene, which happens almost monthly now it seems like and I’m pretty positive they are all family in every way.

The two new babies still had the umbilical cords dragging as the little ones tested their knees and elbows weeble wooble so I snapped a few pictures, oohed and ahhed a bit and then hit the road.

I had to schedule special time this morning to call my Papa and give him updates on all the things happening with and around me.  My father is my best friend and our energy is always and forever connected, our blessing and our curse. When he is happy, I am happier, so in a way, my forever desire to make my Papa happy is slightly selfish. Full grown grateful Daddy’s Girl. I left myself exactly half an hour for the phone call, multi tasking with making myself a proper breakfast to fuel me up for the day. Our phone call lasted longer than intended as we gossiped like a couple of high school girls. His happy energy lifted my spirits even higher than I thought was possible for this day though and I was left literally pacing around my living room as energy and thoughts ricocheted all around and through me.

By noon I had handled my morning inversion and yogance workout, made all personal calls and returned all business emails, arranged an elopement for my Airbnb guests, bought my neighbors bicycle to add to my Airbnb stash of guest toys, returned a dog crate to the store, dropped off loads of clothes to donate, prepped lunch smoothies, drank too much coffee, walked fed and cleaned up after all three dogs and contemplated bathing them all but instead bathed myself because I needed it just as bad as they did and can not excuse my stench as adorably as my cuddly squad can. I was avoiding making commitments with three different friends who wanted me to step away for three different fun activities, until I could take a moment to rewrite up my days must do list, re count my spoons and be honest with myself about what I could handle for the rest of the day. Things are constantly and forever altering throughout my days and life so I have learned to be entirely flexible in every way. By the time I received the fourth call from the fourth friend requesting a fourth activity I threw my hands up, kicked my feet back, shredded my list and yelled out Fine Universe You WIN! For all my intents and purposes of remaining business minded today, everything around me is screaming go out and play. Such is island life, it’s super cute that I still try to act like I’m mainland minded from time to time though.

So, the laundry is drying, the guests have all been tended to, my casita is tidy, my calendars are in order, my belly is full, and I am sitting here recharging and recollecting some extra spoons for the remainder of this day that could go anyway. Right this second my biggest concern is whether I’m going to go swimming with Rafa, drink wine and laugh/cry about how much we missed each other with Crystal, go Playuela camping with Natalie and crew, or vibe out on the beach with Kris & Ari while burning palo santo and catching up on our time apart. I don’t feel one bit rushed anymore even though I want to do all the things. I am sitting here completely grounded and centered knowing that my people are all out there waiting to give me hugs and help me relax even deeper. I trust that all will get done and I will be exactly where I need to be when each moment is right. My body is at a stand still right this second but my heart is fluttering around with so much happiness I could burst from the feels. I never give up but will always give in to the universes design.


(The Very Second that I finished typing up this blog post, Kris & Ari magically appeared unexpectedly at my door and I jumped up with a shriek to give them sweaty island hugs and kisses!! My bro babes are here and it’s time to play, catch you all on the flip side!)